29th - 31st May 2020

Campsite open to public noon Thursday 28th May until noon Monday 1st June 2020
Box office open between 9:00am & midnight



Box office open between 9am & Midnight


A shuttle bus will run between Aberystwyth Train stations and the festival site. There will be a small charge per journey to cover costs.

Cycle to the Festival

We are not running the organised cycle rides this year, but still recommend the beautiful (and flat!) ride along the cycle paths by the Ystwyth River from Aberystwyth to the festival site. You can still dump your bags on the shuttle and cycle the 10 miles to the festival


More info on the Cycle Route along the Ystwyth River by clicking this link


The Address is provided only to ticket purchasers!

The Coach

There will be a coach from London and Bristol to the Festival Site. Picking up on Thursday 30th May and leaving the festival site on Monday 3rd June. Purchase your tickets by clicking here


Due to space limitations on site, it will cost £5 per car to park, and between £40 and £50 per Camper Van/Caravan (depending on size). Car Parking fees are used to run a subsidised coach. Please try and pay for parking in advance. Campervans MUST be booked in advance - even if you're crew.


There are two camping areas: in the main field close to the canvas courtyard and Adventure Camping (short walk from main gate). The camping field opens to the public at noon on Thursday 30th May, and closes to the public on Monday 3rd June at noon.

Pre Pitched Tents - from Massive Bell Tents to 2 person tents with bedding, we got you covered... literally.

Traditional Canvas Bell Tents available for hire either Furnished (4 person) or unfurnished. Bell tents will be pitched ready for your arrival in one of the sites beautiful meadows on the banks of a stream, with ample shade and access to facilities. No bedding or mattresses included. The tents are available from 12noon Thursday 30th May to 12noon Monday 3rd June. If campers who are hiring one of our tents would like to hire for an additional period immediately after the festival then please email in for further details.

Fully Furnished Couples Bell Tent (3.5m, Tent for 2) £255

Fully Furnished Family Bell Tent (5m, for families or larger groups) £295

Unfurnished Smaller Bell Tent (3.5m) £150

Unfurnished Large Bell Tent (5m) £175

Plus £100 refundable security deposit and booking fee.


Please contact your host David Winterflood

Pre-Pitched Tents

If you are after something smaller, cheaper and less extravagant, we offer pre-pitched regular tents. Prices start from £48 for a 2 person tent with bed rolls. Please check it out...

we are working with Tangerine Fields for smaller pre-pitched tents see here: LIST OF TENT OPTIONS


Families & Children

As well as the vast natural playground of woodland, hills and streams, we have a varied programme of interactive activities and entertainment for all ages. We’ll be based in the colourful marquees opposite the Travelling Barn stage. The larger Willow Marquee will be a Children’s Café & Craft space with a wholesome veggie/vegan menu for tiny tums from 7.30am-7.30pm. Details of the 2019 programme will be published shortly

Food & Drink


We are in the process of selecting yummy food at the moment...

We have gone a step further to eliminate plastic waste by only ordering milk in reusable returnable glass bottles... the oldest things are sometimes the best things....

Our Bars are stocked with the finest of local ales and cider - and the selection improves every year as we seek out the best brews. Cider comes custom brewed from www.welshmountaincider.com. We are also stocking a selection of locally sourced Ginger Beer, homemade Liqueurs and other Rum Punch!

Disabled Access

Please let us know if you have any special requirements and we'll be glad to help out. Most of the main site is on flat ground with some uneven surfaces which are slippy when muddy. We try our best to improve the ground under these circumstances. The courtyard by the main stage is quite stoney but wheelchair accessible. The Dingly Dell, Healing Area and Workshop Tent are down a sloped track which is best avoided when muddy. Stewards will be patrolling regularly and can provide information and assistance. We provide accessible toilet facilities.


We welcome our furry friends but dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. Poop must be scooped straight away and disposed of responsibly in the area provided. There are lots of animals, children and other dogs at the festival and we want everyone to feel safe. There are plenty of great walking areas bordering the site. Please be aware that you will be asked to leave the festival if you don't comply with this and we don't really want to have to do that. Lastly, due to the presence of livestock in adjoining fields, we recommend you remain vigilant at all times, as farmers do not take kindly to distress to their livestock.

Local Accommodation

Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast.


This is not a pop up tent and can of Tuborg festival: the farm is in remote mid-Wales, in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains. We recommend you bring a good quality tent, something warm to sleep on and in, sturdy boots with ankle support, waterproof bottoms and tops, a torch, sun cream, your swimwear, and an instrument. Contact info@fireinthemountain.co.uk

Music Only Tickets

In 2019 we are introducing the Music Only Ticket - for those who want to enjoy the performance of copyrighted music only (although most of the music at our festival is folk music and thus not subject to copyright in the first place). There are some serious considerations to be aware of when making this choice, so please read on very carefully

Music Only Tickets Terms and Conditions

1. Music Only Tickets. Fire in the Mountain 2000 capacity festival held on a remote farm in West Wales. We are a registered not-for-profit company and all our directors and volunteers work for free or expenses. We were set up as a fundraiser to assist the farm on which the event is held. Live Music is only around a quarter of what you experience at our festival. Most of the music played is FOLK MUSIC, the vast majority of which is out of copyright or has no copyright whatsoever as it is traditional. Yet, every year we run the festival we have to give up around £3000, or 3% of our gross box office takings to the PRS for public broadcast of copyrighted music. The idea is the PRS then distribute this to the writers of the music. While we totally support this as an endeavour (our whole aim is to support, nurture and promote traditional music and the musicians who play it), we believe that the PRS does not do this is the best possible way – we are taxed on everything we do and for all the content we provide, and the current tariff does not take into account the increased costs of staging live music in a temporary event (mind you by a bunch of volunteers and not some massive corporate company!). Nor do the PRS acknowledge that most of the material at our festival is non-copyright, nor do they send any representatives to our event to collect set lists and actively engage our musicians in their work so they may collect their royalties.

This year we are introducing Music Only Tickets. These tickets are valued at £20 each, which reflects the actual percentage of our budget spent on musicians performing live music at our festival. When you buy a regular ticket to the festival, your “music only ticket” is included in this price, so you are effectively buying 2 tickets. However, we would like to make available a special ticket to allow people to only enjoy the copyrighted material being broadcast. This tickets can be purchased by emailing us on info@fireinthemountain.co.uk

There are some serious conditions attached if you choose to buy a Music Only Ticket to enjoy the copyrighted material broadcast at our festival.

1. You will be blindfolded on entry to the site. You will be assigned a steward to guide you to the special “Music Only Ticket holders” listening areas. These will generally be behind a wall close to the temporary stages we set up so you will be unable, even if you peeped , to see the wonderful stages we set up, the décor or the fantastic light shows we put on. If the music you want to hear is being performed inside a marquee (a temporary structure), you will need to remain outside the marquee at all times regardless of the weather – please bring waterproofs. You will not be allowed to sit down at any time on any of the hand crafted benches we supply. Please bring your own chair. You will not be allowed to dance to the music being played due to the health and safety risks of being blindfolded.

2. Your “Music Only” ticket will prevent you from accessing any of the following areas; The Bars, Practical Crafts, The Workshop Tent, The Kids Tent, The Baby Tent, The Festival Forum, The Healing Area, The Wash Area including Saunas, Showers and Hot Tubs, The Mountain Folk School, The Camp Fire, or any other area in the festival that is not in the designated “Music Only Ticket Holders” listening areas.

3. Health and Safety: If purchasing a Music Only Ticket you will not be able to enjoy the parking facilities at our event, so please arrange taxis. You will not be able to bring your camper van or camp at our festival. You will not be able to use the toilet facilities at our festival. You will not be able to enter any dining area or bar area, so please ensure you bring all the food and drink you need. Medical Facilities are of course free of charge, and you will be able to fill up your water bottle free of charge, just ask your personal Music Only Steward to direct you.

4. UPGRADE: If at any time you desire to “Upgrade” to have your blindfold removed so you might be able to enjoy the beautiful countryside and fantastic farm we put so much work into restoring, and to partake in any other “non-music” aspect of the festival, you are able to do so. Please ask your personal Music Only Steward” to take you to our box office where you will be able to upgrade to a regular ticket.

5. We believe the PRS needs to adapt it’s tariff to support smaller social enterprise events like ours. A blanket 3% tax on all our ticket revenue does not reflect all the additional costs involved in hosting this event, and is a totally outdated system.