1st - 6th June 2022

Campsite open to public noon 1st June until noon Monday 6th June 2022
Box office open between 9:00am & midnight


Ticket Information

We're trying something new with a tiered ticket system.

We hope to make our event fairer in it's pricing. We had to increase the ticket price again in 2020 (see budget section for accounts!), and in response to this are trying something new with the pricing of the tickets.

The Plan:
Low Income For people who really are struggling to make ends meet at the moment.
Average Ticket Price This is what our budget says we need to charge to cover the event.
high Income If you are confortable and have a decent income, please consider paying a little more. For each of these tickets we release more low income tickets.
Benefactor Ticket Our festival is not-for-profit and is made possible by countless people working for cheap or free.... this ticket is a massive thank you to everyone... if you can afford to give something back over and above. Thank you.

A very helpful person sent in this matrix to help you decide if you are Low Income, Average or a High Earner.

High Earner Average Low Income
I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs. I may stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them. I frequently stress about meeting basic needs and don’t always achieve them.
I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs. I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs. I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs.
I own my home or property or I rent a higher-end property. I can afford public transport and often private transport. If I have a car/access to a car I can afford petrol. I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing.
I can afford public and private transport. If I have a car/access to a car I can afford petrol. I am employed. I sometimes can’t afford public or private transport. If I own a car/have access to a car, I am not always able to afford petrol.
I have regular access to healthcare. I have access to health care. I am unemployed or underemployed.
I have access to financial savings. I might have access to financial savings. I qualify for government and/or voluntary assistance including: food banks and benefits.
I have an expendable income. I have some expendable income. I have no access to savings.
I can always buy new items. I am able to buy some new items and I buy others second hand. I have no or very limited expendable income.
I can afford an annual holiday or take time off. I can take a holiday annually or every few years without financial burden. I rarely buy new items because I am unable to afford them.

I cannot afford a holiday or have the ability to take time off without financial burden.

Sustainable Travel Initative

We have to make a change. There is a Climate Emergency.

Vehicular Transportation is the largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions for any event or festival, often accounting for 80-90% of total emissions. There is a climate emergency and we all must act. We are launching a 5 year plan to reduce car and van use to all but the most essential vehicles, all of which will eventually have to off-set. It's bold, it's brave, it's undoubtedly going to be unpopular to some, but we'll do our best.

The Plan:
Increase Car Parking Charge.
£10 Cash Back to ticket purchasers choosing sustainable travel option.
Subsidise Coaches from Car Parking Charge.
Coaches made HALF PRICE for 2020 event
Half Price Shuttle Bus from Train Station (£1.5)
Coach Ambassador Scheme. Find 10+ People, we'll send you a coach
Free minibuses for crew
Free parking and charging for EVs
Promote Car Sharing, Cycling and Coach Travel
Carbon Off-Set option for drivers via our ticket page
Cheap Rental of tents and bedding

Let's do this people

£10 Cash Back for those choosing Sustainable Transport

Year 10 Festival, £10 off your ticket (if you cycle, take the train or a coach). We will use the pot of money generated from an increase in parking charges to give £10 cash back on arrival to all Full Price Adult Weekend Ticket holders. When you arrive at the box office, show the staff your bike, train ticket or coach ticket. Easy.

T&Cs. Train Tickets: Valid tickets for travel within 5 days either side of the festival only. You'll need to hand in a paper train ticket for us to retain, or show an activated ticket in the TrainLine app. If showing an emailed eTicket, you'll need to show the email from theTrainLine addressed to you in your email inbox (no cheeky forwarding!). Coach Tickets - either you've come on our coach or show us a National Express/Mega Bus ticket. We will only do this for Full Price Adult Weekend tickets and Locals Tickets bought from Andy's Records if you get the shuttle from town.

Be a Coach Ambassador

Year 10 Festival, half price coach. We've halved the price of the coach from London and Bristol, and halved the price of the shuttle from the train station.

Be A Coach Ambassador: if you can get 10 or more people together from your location, we will send you a cheap (cost price) coach or minibus. Take the stress out of the journey... enjoy the view, start the party early, let someone else do the driving! We are teaming up with a festival coach supplier to organise our travel... Contact Us.

REGISTER INTEREST FOR A COACH HERE! Please fill in this quick form and our travel gnomes will get to work.

Shuttles from Aberystwyth Train Station

We've halved the price of the shuttle from Aberystwyth Train Station to site (subsidised from parking charges). Time table will appear here soon, but should meet every train.

Cycle to the Festival

We are not running the organised cycle rides this year, but still recommend the beautiful (and flat!) ride along the cycle paths by the Ystwyth River from Aberystwyth to the festival site. You can still dump your bags on the shuttle and cycle the 10 miles to the festival


More info on the Cycle Route along the Ystwyth River by clicking this link

Car Parking

£20 Weekend Car Parking Charge. It costs us over £7000 to facilitate cars and vans; Stewards and Parking Marshalls, extra security, renting a field, and all that expensive, heavy and horrid to handle temporary road matting. We need to cover those costs and will use anything left to subsidise sustainable transport incentives. We are a remote event for a lot of people, and will do our best to provide affordable and easy options to anyone, anywhere. We will see how this pilot year goes, but we are likely to increase parking year on year to help everyone go green. Driving a car should be a luxury, not a necessity.

Box Office

Opens noon on Thursday 28th May until midnight, and then 9am - Late Firday - Sunday

Activities start at the event on Friday.


Cwmnewidion Isaf, SY23 4LL


There are two camping areas: in the main field close to the canvas courtyard and Adventure Camping (short walk from main gate). The camping field opens to the public at noon on Thursday 28th May, and closes to the public on Monday 1st June at noon.

Pre Pitched Tents - from Massive Bell Tents to 2 person tents with bedding, we got you covered... literally.

Traditional Canvas Bell Tents available for hire either Furnished (4 person) or unfurnished. Bell tents will be pitched ready for your arrival in one of the sites beautiful meadows on the banks of a stream, with ample shade and access to facilities. If campers who are hiring one of our tents would like to hire for an additional period immediately after the festival then please email in for further details.

Fully Furnished Couples Bell Tent (3.5m, Tent for 2) £255
Fully Furnished Family Bell Tent (5m, for families or larger groups) £295
Unfurnished Smaller Bell Tent (3.5m) £150
Unfurnished Large Bell Tent (5m) £175
Plus £100 refundable security deposit and booking fee.
Please contact your host David Winterflood

Pre-Pitched Tents

If you are after something smaller, cheaper and less extravagant, we offer pre-pitched regular tents. Prices start from £48 for a 2 person tent with bed rolls. Please check out our ticket page...

Families & Children

As well as the vast natural playground of woodland, hills and streams, we have a varied programme of interactive activities and entertainment for all ages. We’ll be based in the colourful marquees opposite the Travelling Barn stage. The larger Willow Marquee will be a Children’s Café & Craft space with a wholesome veggie/vegan menu for tiny tums from 7.30am-7.30pm. Details of the 2020 programme will be published in April

Eco Bond: The Recycling Disco and Washing Up.

All adult tickets include a £5 Eco Bond.

Give Back for a fiver : We ask all adults to give something back. Either 30 minutes in the Recycling Disco or form part of the washing up conga on the lawn - Your £5 is refundable after your shift (redeemed at the Box Office before 11 am Monday 1st June). You can be hedonist and forgo your opportunity to get involved, and your deposit will pay for others to tidy up.

Recycling Disco: We ask people to partake in our "Recycling Disco". You Bring It, You Bin It... but whilst we do, we are entitled to be entertained by bands and DJs... We're not hiding WASTE behind the scenes.... Your ticket includes £5 deposit for 30mins in the Recycling Disco - refundable after your shift. You can be a hedonist and forgo your time in the Recycling Disco, and your deposit will then pay for others to tidy up.

The Washing Up Conga: Piles and piles of stinking fetid one-use albeit compostable (but only under industrial conditions) paper plates and wooden forks smeared with food waste, all getting thrown in with recyclable waste making it horrid to sort?... No Thanks!!!! Not here!! We invested in a commercial dishwasher and hundreds of sets of metal reusable plates, cups, bowls and cutlery. No deposit is charged. Plates are unbranded. Just use a proper plate and return it to the food trader. They return it to the washing up station to be cleaned and reused. Sorted. It is a herculean task and we are so thankful to the most awesome team of committed people who make it happen at the festival. But, Please Help. Use your eco-bond to muck in and wash up. The washing up station is in front of a stage so you get the best seats. Thank you in advance. Another world IS possible, but it apparently involves getting a little wet.

Food & Drink


We have gone a step further to eliminate plastic waste by only ordering milk in reusable returnable glass bottles... the oldest things are sometimes the best things....

Our bars are run an Ale and Cider Festival, with a massive selection of locally sourced Ales and Ciders.

Remember to stop by The Crafty Mare, a Gin Bar hosted by the wonderful team who own and run our Local Pub Y Ffarmers.


Facilities we do provide: Accessible camping and parking at top of camping field and accessible toilet facilities. What we can't provide; Accessible Showers. Most of the main site is on flat ground with some uneven surfaces which are slippy when muddy. We try our best to improve the ground under these circumstances. The courtyard by the main stage is quite stoney but wheelchair is accessible. The Dingly Dell, Healing Area and Workshop Tent are down a sloped track which is best avoided when muddy. Stewards will be patrolling regularly and can provide information and assistance. The festival is held on an old farm, and we do our best.


We welcome our furry friends but dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. Poop must be scooped straight away and disposed of responsibly in the area provided. There are lots of animals, children and other dogs at the festival and we want everyone to feel safe. There are plenty of great walking areas bordering the site. Please be aware that you will be asked to leave the festival if you don't comply with this and we don't really want to have to do that. Lastly, due to the presence of livestock in adjoining fields, we recommend you remain vigilant at all times, as farmers do not take kindly to distress to their livestock.

Local Accommodation

Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast.


This is not a pop up tent and can of Tuborg festival: the farm is in remote mid-Wales, in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains. We recommend you bring a good quality tent, something warm to sleep on and in, sturdy boots with ankle support, waterproof bottoms and tops, a torch, sun cream, your swimwear, and an instrument. Contact info@fireinthemountain.co.uk


Question: "My tickets for the festival have not arrived in the post - where are they?!"

Answer: Fire in the Mountain runs a paperless ticketing system. Tickets are not sent out - you were emailed an eTicket after purchase. It contains your unique ticket code.

If you did not receive the eTicket email please contact info@theticketsellers.co.uk

Question: "I only want to come for two days and camp one night, can you make me a special ticket for this?"

Answer: Very Sorry but NO. We are a very small festival, and we like being a very small festival. Camping space is limited on site. If you want to camp, then you need to buy a weekend ticket. We are a weekend show, and anyone wanting to come just for one night prevents someone else coming and enjoying the whole weekend, as that camping space probably won't again be used. If you really do need/want to pop in and out, there are lots of campsites, hostels, hotels and B&Bs near by.

Question: "I'm a festival veteran, and back in the day, all festivals were free and I could rock up and set up my soundsystem, party all weekend for all hours, and cook up a vege curry to sell in order cover the diesel costs for my massive live in a bus. Are you guys just capitalists?"

Answer: Since the days of the peace convoy and castlemorton, much legislation has been passed curtailing and controlling outdoor events. Whilst we hold dear the ethos of the free festival movement, we are legally bound to provide certain facilities and infrastructure necessary to hold a safe and accessible event for everyone. We aspire to become a sustainable, local, family friendly annual event, and to strike the right balance between the impact of the event on our neighbours and the surrounding community, involvement and enrichment of the local economy, and to provide a safe space for the creative endeavours of our bands, participants and audience. Any profit made by the festival have to be, by our constitution, reinvested into the farm on which it is held, and to improve the event for future years.

Question: Where does my money go?