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Campfire in the Mountain

26th August - 1st September 2019

A week-long family friendly camp on a beautiful farm in Mid Wales, with optional Music Tuition plus plenty of kids activities.

Price for 6 nights: £80 Adult, £30 Kids, £200 for families of 4. Alternatively £20 per night if you can't come for the whole camp.

Tuition available in Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar and Singing (Intermediate and Advanced). Additional £200 for 5 days of tuition in small groups.

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We invite you to Campfire in the Mountain.

We've wanted to do it for years, and the time is now. A festival at the start of summer, and a music camp at the end of summer. We invite you to sit around the campfire in the mountain to learn and play music.

Our idea is two-fold. Firstly, we want to invite families and attendees of Fire in the Mountain back to the farm during the last week of the summer holidays to simply camp on the land and enjoy nature, with none of the noise and clutter of a festival. Secondly, we want to offer a week of music tuition with world class musicians alongside this camp, and provide a space for playing (acoustic) music around the fire in the evenings. For this one week, the farm will be opened as a campsite for musicians and their families. There are quite a few music camps and residential courses around, but our idea is to host one that is congenial to families - with tuition for mum or dad, a host of activites for kids, and a evening get together for all. Let's see what happens... this our first year! We are aiming for a small camp of around 100 - 150 people.

The Camp - The Basics

The main field in the farm will be opened up to campers. Everyone is encouraged to camp in "circles" to get to know your neighbours and share cooking facilities. You will be provided with Braziers to cook on (if needed), and the idea is you all club together for meals and cook communally. It's not mandatory to camp like this, but it's a nice way to spend the week. The basic facilities of the festival will be available to all; The Compost Loos, the wood fired Sauna and Showers, and the Dragon fire pit. Every evening we will all convene in a central marquee for an evening folk dance, where tutors and musicians on the camp will play. We will learn Scottish, English, Welsh, Cajun and American Square Dance each evening (8pm - 11pm). The evening dance is included in the ticket price. Everyone can enjoy being on the farm, or use the camp as a springboard to explore the local area with it's fantastic beaches, horse riding, mountain walks etc. We're compiling a list of local attractions now.

We encourage attendees to plan activities in advance and come prepared with offerings - this is a do it yourself camp!. We will be offering some additional paid for workshops for kids alongside the music tuition, but the essential idea is we make our own camp and entertainment.

The 7 day Camp will cost £80 for an adult, £30 per child, or £200 for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. We will charge £13.5 per night if you can't come for the whole time, although we prefer people to come for the whole week. This includes the facilities on the farm and the evening dance. We will have one central marquee on site for the evening dance and for groups to use during the day.

Since this is a camp, everyone who attends must pay for their stay to be on the land. There is no "guest list" or "ins" or "gigs" or "DJ slots"! We're all in it together to make the camp happen together. We have 2 organisers, the music tutors and a 4 strong site team to look after the place, and everyone else pays for the camp.

Music Tuition

During the days we are offering Music Tuition with wonderful musicians. These lessons are housed in yurts/marquees in and around the farmhouse and paddocks, slightly out of the way of the rest of the camp in quiet locations (out of bounds for other camp attendees during the classes), so you can focus on learning your instrument! So far we have 3 courses on offer:

Old Time and Cajun Fiddle with Jock Tyldesley
Old Time and Klezmer Fiddle with Craig Judelman
Guitar and Song writing with Vera Van Heeringen
Old Time and Bluegrass Banjo with Stompin' Dave
Beginners Mixed Instrument Course with Ed Hicks (focusing on learning by ear, music theory, and playing in a band)

The cost of a weeks tuition will be £200 (in addition to you campsite pitch fee). This pays for the tutor, learning materials and the beautiful yurt that is the classroom.

Late Afternoon Drop in Workshops. 5 - 6pm daily there will be 1 hour drop in workshops in the "classroom" yurts open for all... offerings so far are "music theory", "Gypsy Jazz Guitar", and "Welsh Folk Songs". More to come!

9:30 - 11pm Morning Session
11:30 - 12:00 Coffee Break
12:00 - 1pm Late Morning Session
2pm - 4pm Afternoon Session

5pm - 6pm Optional Extra Drop in Workshop Sessions, open to all.

8pm - 10:30pm Evening Dance in the main Marquee

Sessions. It's of course all about sessions where we play together. An idea is to reserve a camping circle towards the top of the main camping field for only musicians so they can stay up until the wee hours playing... and then down by the river we would have family camping. The Dragon Fire Pit is of course there all evening and into the night, as is the main bar.

The Evening Dance and Closing Concert

Every evening the whole camp is offered to come together in our main marquee for a dance (8pm - 11pm). Tutors and Musicians on the camp will form bands for an evening ceilidh. We're thinking each evening focusing on different forms; Scottish Dance, English Country Dance, Twmpath, American Square Dance, and a Cajun Dance evening (two step and waltzes).

The Closing Concert. Our idea is to have a special closing concert on the last night of the camp for everyone at the camp. We would ask tutors to do a performance, along with students who may or may not form little bands during the week! Then we close the event with a good ol' hoedown.

Kids Activities and Workshops

Our vision is to have a couple of small marquees in the field down by the stream in the "Dingly Dell", where we will offer some paid activities and workshops for kids. We have recruited a couple of great workshop leaders to host a few hours of sessions with the kids. Our vision is to have a "wee ones" tent with sensory play, and some outdoor workshops for older children in perhaps Bow and Arrow making, swing making, forest school activities etc... plans are still forming and we're open to suggestions! We will of course be offering drop in music sessions for kids too, every afternoon.


We thought is would be nice to offer full catering to people signed up for the tuition so you get as much time as possible with your instrument. We will employ a chef and have the Central Kitchen barn open all week serving 3 meals a day. We think it's best that this is on a pre-booked basis so we can plan quantities, but it would be nice to offer hot drinks and cakes to camp attendees at meal times (although you should be cooking in the campsite!)

Cost of Catering
Breakfast only all week (Tuesday - Sunday), £5 per meal = £30
Breakfast and Lunch only all week, £5 breakfast, £6 lunch = £60
3 meals a day please £5/£6 and £8 dinner = £100.

Music in the Mountains

We hope you are liking what you are reading and fancy coming along for a camp. This is our idea of a schedule of events:

Bank Holiday Monday 26th August: Arrival Day. Pitch your camp, meet neighbours. Evening social/Dance and orientation.
Tuesday - Friday 29th August: Daytime tuition and kids activities and camp proper
Saturday 31st August: Morning Tuition closing session until Lunch. Evening Closing Concert featuring Tutors, Pupils and any scratch bands that have formed at the camp!
Sunday 1st September: It's time to go home and start school. Boo.

What Next?

We're just in the process of launching the camp now. There will be a session in the Forum at Fire in the Mountain to discuss everything and take it further. This is our first year, so let's get cracking and get organising. We will set up a Facebook event that can act as a forum for people intending to come to communicate with eachother and plan activities. We are booking some more tutors now, and depending on take up, can book as many as there is demand for.

If you would like to attend, please fill out the booking form and we will be in touch: Click this link to register!